ICP Tearscope

ICP Dry Eye analysis

ICP Tearscope is the new instrument of individual for the tear film analysis that allows a quick detailed structural research of the tear composition.
Possibility to study all the layers:

  • Lipid
  • Aqueous
  • Mucin

Thanks to ICP Tearscope is possible to identify the type of DED (Dry Eye Desease) and determine which specific treatment to use depending on the type of tear deficiency.

Aqueous layer analysis

The aqueous layer is evaluated with “Tear Meniscus” exam, in which it is possible to categorize the result in different categories. The measurement (in mm ) allows the direct evaluation of the water quantity without invasiveness.


Lipid layer analysis

Dry Eye is most commonly caused by the Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). For this reason it is necessary to evaluate quantity and quality of the lipid layer produced by these glands.

ICP Tearscope can do “Interferometry” exam and compare the patient’s condition with the international grading scale to know the status of the eye.

Tear film stability

In addition, to complete the diagnosis there is the “NIBUT” or “BUT” exams.

In this way, with the device it’s possible to check the stability of the tear film by choosing this type of exams and recording a video.

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