Windows system

A practical personal archive to bring always with you

A practical archive connected in Wi-Fi with the various ICP medical instrumentation

The electronical medical cartel that includes:

  • The essential patient registry
  • The history
  • The formula of the current therapeutic cycle
  • The descriptive diary of the made interventions
  • The archive of images
  • Report

With this module is possible to manage the database of patient, his history, the medical examinations, the surgical interventions and their Follow Up.

It follows that, through a unique screen, will be possible to visualize the whole clinical history of the patient and will be made all related prints.

The doctor has then, at the end of the visit, the possibility to print and deliver to the patient a report that presents only the data of the clinical cartel that he considers appropriate, inserting also a textual discursive section. He can also choose to send these documents via email.

  • Sending telemedicine DICOM exams
  • Multisite/multi iPad with synchronization between them to visualize all medical reports from a computer
  • External memory to download exams when the memory of the various supports is finished
  • Backup and recovery of the achieve
  • Access to the exams by pc with QR code
  • Working also in background
  • Saving photo and video on FTP instead that on the device to safeguard the space
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