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L’azienda festeggia i 20.000 download delle proprie APP dal 2012 ad oggi !!!
I Valori e le priorità:
crescita economica ed eccellenza nella qualità.
Ne abbiamo fatta di strada, in soli due anni di investimenti (2 photos)
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SBM SISTEMI lancia un sistema del tutto simile a «trip advisor» per il settore ottico in cui sono presenti tutti i punti vendita europei, e dove i Clienti partner come quelli di ZEISS, saranno evidenziati per una migliore riconoscibilità.
Da casa, ufficio, in vacanza, su pc , tablet o smartphone, le informazioni relative al Suo Centro saranno immediatamente reperibili: oltre ai contatti, l'ottico potrà mettere in evidenza i servizi e i prodotti offerti o pubblicare una speciale attività promozionale.

I filtri di ricerca saranno costituiti principalmente da:
Lente oftalmica
Riabilitazione visiva
Ausili visivi per lo sport (tiro a segno, subacquea, sulla neve, biliardo)
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Sta nascendo un nuovo portale per permettere a milioni di utenti di trovare subito il Suo Centro Ottico, leggere le recensioni e i commenti di altri utenti per un acquisto più consapevole e sereno e scoprire tutti i servizi che ogni Centro Ottico offre per scegliere quello più adatto alle proprie esigenze ... See MoreSee Less

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This is an early concept video that was made when Project Glass was just getting started. While a lot has changed since then, our motivation to get technolog...

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The new "trip advisor" for the optician / optometrist

Eleven months ago we began our adventure on four continents to deepen the market situation in our industry.
Thanks to investments in 32 salons worldwide and relationships with many industry associations as well as a considerable monetary investment we have achieved this result

While the associations discussed with those of the medical world, in a market where Facebook Oculus tip with the glasses "social", the giants are betting on technological frames, you can see the collaboration between Luxottica and Google to apply the technology to Ray Glass -Ban and Oakley, by the viewer of the Rift Zuckerberg

The mobile is the platform today, but it 's time to prepare platforms for tomorrow!

Oculus has the ability to create the platform more social than ever, changing the way we work, play and communicate.

The evolving market has done that it very easy to lose profits due to the purchase of eyeglasses at a low price in the online optical

The advantages of purchasing on the web are many: get the best prices in the market, great choice of lenses and frames, customizing every detail.

The real trouble is the high price for the purchase of a complete pair of glasses with lenses because the cost becomes exaggerated if we have special needs: bifocals or progressive lenses, high refractive index, high alcohol, or special antireflection coating against scratches, filters UV and so on.

There are obviously many optical online in Europe, a good example of this is the excellent Glance24, but if we exclude special offers available only under certain conditions, the prices are not very far from those of the traditional shops. It is also necessary prescription from a doctor to carry out a pair of glasses etc..

This restriction does not exist of course for the optical abroad, now thanks to the web you can access a world market, have a huge selection and you can buy with greater freedom

From our research the real saving is achieved instead with American opticians, in fact they have a great catalogue and prices are shorter, especially when compared to the cost of glasses in national stores


Why are the prices so low? In fact, you should turn the question: why in Italy the prices are so high?

The first cause of the high price mark-up is excessive money. But then we must also consider the taxes, fixed expenses, the rent of the shop and so on, all costs must necessarily affect the final price. However, it is an area in which we make good gains, the presence of at least one optics in many malls it is the clearest proof.

Another proof? The liberalization of the sale of glasses for presbyopia as other products whereas before it was the exclusive prerogative of the optician.

there are of course special offers, someone give the frame to the purchase of the lenses, but whoever gives the lenses if you buy some expensive frames, but in the end the final price is never as cheap as you might expect by looking at the advertising television or in magazines.

The low cost of the lenses online in the United States are primarily derived from a high volume of work, from a policy of real competition and sometimes from the relocation of production. The optical settles for, maybe, a small mark-up in order to keep low prices, and he thinks to attract many customers.
But the benefits do not end there, the big production numbers and sales lead to having a very large catalog with hundreds of models available and the ability to customize almost every detail: wide range of refractive indices, anti glare, anti-scratch , anti-UV, different colors for the frame, simple lenses, bifocal or progressive and much more.

Let's talk about quality, professionalism and reliability. In any case, they are opticians who must comply with the strict U.S. regulations , so the quality is not the least we should worry

The sale of glasses online is the result of the natural evolution of systems of purchase.
It is estimated that only in Italy in 2012 there has been a growth in online sales of 20%. An explosion of selling nothing short of remarkable.

These amounts are still far from such volumes of a Britain where online sales last year reached a turnover of 10 times Italy.

More than 10 million people shop on the internet in Italy, a few years ago no one expected such results.

The lion's share of online sales is made from clothing. Sites that sell designer items but not all. Then there is the phenomenon through the Groupon site where several Italian operators have sold, thanks to the discount coupons offered, goods for more than 250 million.

What about the travel deals that are on the web? While sitting on your couch you can explore thousands of options for flights, hotels, vacation packages, last minute deals.
You pay conveniently with your credit card and you receive the tickets at home.

It seems inevitable that the traditional travel agencies will, in the near future, to deal with the network, and if they want to survive, they will have to invent some kind of service that the web can not offer.

The same goes for insurance. The network savvy surfers know by heart all the sites that offer insurance cars at very competitive prices compared to traditional brokers with offices elegant and secretaries.The insurance agencies will make it increasingly difficult to compete with the prices offered online they are inevitably destined to be resized in their number.

Because more and more companies offer their products on the web? The answer is very simple: because through the web they can reach a wider audience, cut costs, and consequently the goods and services become more attractive and sales volumes grow.
All this combined with the convenience to the user, to be able to make purchases without leaving home.

Also the optical industry has leaned to the web in recent years.

Italy, as usual, is among the last to regard the offer of eyeglasses online, while in other countries such as the United States and northern Europe, not to mention China, many sites selling eyewear online are a reality in mind for years.

In England and Germany, European countries are without a doubt the most advanced for offering online sales, there are many sites that generate significant revenues compared to a traditional optical store

Their birth and success has meant that the prices of traditional optics have had to align with those websites, with a definite advantage for the end user

On the Italian market, a little over two years, came the www.Glance24.com, a British company that has decided to propose their own glasses at heavily discounted prices to the Italian public, while also offering a telephone service run by opticians, in Italian, to those customers who have doubts to be clarified.

The Glance24.com also offers a service to "try them at home" free of charge. practically sends home for free up to three frames at a time to try in the comfort of your own home.
It 'a service that does not require that any purchase.

he traditional optical shops disappear?
We think not, because there will always be consumers who prefer to go to a true optical rather than a virtual one. in particular those consumers elderly who are not familiar with a PC or digital payment systems.

In any case, even in Italy, however, sooner or later, the traditional optical shops will align prices with those of the web sites with a clear advantage for all final consumers.

Who are the buyers of glasses online?
They buy a bit 'all, although women are slightly minority. People who have less than 45 years represent more than 70%. however, even the over-fifty begin to have their weight as consumers of glasses online, representing about 14% of total sales.
In general, those who buy on the web has a decent level of education, or who owns a credit card or who is able to make a transfer bank online, or pay via Paypal and obviously who owns a computer or a tablet.

Besides price what other benefits there are to buy glasses online?
Besides the price which in some cases is less than a third of prices of traditional optics, there is the advantage of choosing the frame between a number greater than those normally present in certain optical neighborhood.

The other advantage is that there is no need to travel from home to make your purchase.
Of course the sale of glasses in Italy is still far from the European average, light years behind the United States but is now only a matter of time to.

The process of online sales of sunglasses or other items and services in general, is an unstoppable process that will change forever the way people shop for citizens of the world

With the ever-increasing digital literacy of the masses, the widespread diffusion of broadband, which unfortunately fails seriously in Italy (southern Italy as many as 13 million people still lack access to broadband), more people will be free to spend their money everywhere will find the best offer.

Normally people think that to ruin your eyes with lenses and materials of poor quality, buying "eyes closed" online.

People are wrong! Now there are sites that sell glasses of excellent quality at economical prices, with all due guarantees. Glasses in all respects, identical to those that will sell our optician. To test the frames, there are several sites where you just need to upload your own photo in the foreground and try all the fitter available in the online store.

The question comes spontaneously "But the quality will be as described on the website?"
Through the experiences of those who have already bought the glasses on the internet, browsing through the various comments and feedback, we have realized that almost all customers are satisfied with the quality and service. Skeptics might buy on the web only one frame, and buy the lenses from a classic optician.

Purchases on mobile: +289% in 2013

The mobile phone and smartphones are driving up the sales through internet even in this period of crisis.
Among the 16 million online shoppers the last three months, 20% bought at least once using an app on your smartphone. In general, mobile phone purchasing grew by 289% - so nearly tripled - in 2013 and is expected to further increase by 85% in 2014. During the two years it has gone from a value of 164 million to 1 , 2 billion euro.

Together, at the end of the year the expenses made on smartphones and tablets will exceed those with a value of 2.5 billion, through mobile devices now passes 19% of online purchases of Italian. Moreover, precisely what technology is - along with travel - one of the areas actually driving around the digital commerce. "

Shopping on Facebook? Soon

Shop and pay online directly on Facebook?
In the future we could see or not.

The most popular social network has recently announced a strategic alliance with Ecwid, international e-commerce platform with 450 thousand users. U nder the agreement, who joined Facebook can buy on Ecwid using data already entered on the social network, the address of the shipment to the credit card number, shortening the time. Many people have read the beginning of a future direct involvement in online sales.
Their interest is to connect people with their interests and, on the other hand, make faster and easier sales systems of companies. it is important to incorporate a payment platform.

Why 'social networks will be the future

You wake up and check your email on the iPad, with an application.
While you have breakfast you take a ride on Facebook, on Twitter and in the newspaper of your home, an so you uses three other applications. While going to the office, you listen to a podcast on your smartphone.
At work, you read RSS feeds and talk to your contacts on Skype.
At the end of the day, when you're back at home, listening to music on Pandora, with the Xbox games, watching movies streaming from Netflix.
You've spent the entire day on the internet, but not on the web. And you're not alone.

Our main goal "to convey the final customer at the optical center"

In our opinion, the optician is the right person to find the solution of the problems.
That is why 'we will try to convince the carrier to go to the optical center that best suits your needs.

In this regard, we have created a portal SUPER PARTES linked to a range of applications and 'state ADVERTISED AT EUROPEAN LEVEL through all social networks, and sponsored by various industry associations

When he chooses: there are times and there are no queues. Every moment is right, from home or office.
Ability to compare vendors and their professional skills
It will have a non-partisan description of the various products or services offered, which allow you to make a choice before making your purchase

The variety of products that you have available;
The possibility of having, after a brief search, dozens of views, opinions and comments about every product you want to buy, written by people who have already bought and used well, is that they can definitely recommend the purchase.

The center of excellence is the guarantee of a secure optical center.
Group counseling for consumers

Our system,after asking a series of questions in a "cartoon", can to demonstrate to the s bearer various quality of the lenses through the vision of the surrounding environment, the thickness, the aberrations of various types of lenses, treatments and show on Google maps all opticians that can offer such products.

So we have included all the geo localized all Europeans optical shops, many companies have given their rating by outlining the excellence centers and the types of products sold in order to identify correctly all types of activities' carried out and supplied as: eye care, filmmakers graduate of diving masks often difficult to find, low vision, special lenses, etc.

You can do this throught the website www.vederbene.com and the application free for tablet

We are sure of mutual and estimated cooperation

With my best regards
Michele Barberis
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