The new “trip advisor” to the optician / optometrist

While associations argue with those of the medical world , in un mercato dove Facebook with Oculus looks toward the “social” glasses, the big giants are betting on technological frames, seeLuxottica e Google to apply the technology of Glass to Ray-Ban and Oakley, through the visor Rift of Zuckerberg.

Mobile is the platform today, but it’s time to prepare for the platforms of tomorrow !!

The evolving market has made well aware how easy it is to lose revenue due to the purchase of glasses at low prices in the online optical sight

The advantages deriving from the web are multiple: get the best prices in the market, large choice of lenses and frames, customizing every detail, home delivery service.

The low costs of US online optics are primarily derived from a high volume of work , from a relocation of production. We are satisfied with maybe a small mark-up in order to keep prices to a minimum and thus attract more customers.
We normally thinks not worth the risk of damage your eyes with poor materials and quality lenses, having to buy “eyes closed” online.
It is not always so. Now there are websites that sell quality eyewear at economical prices, with all due guarantees. Glasses for all purposes, the same as we would sell our optician. To test the frames, there are several websites where you just upload your own photo to the front and try all the editing available in the store online.
Remember that the frames, as the same lens, often come from the same sources from which it draws the optical “dealer.”

On the Italian market for just over two years, he has entered the, a British company that has decided to propose their own glasses at heavily discounted prices to the Italian public, also offering a telephone support service run by opticians, in the Italian language, to those customers who have doubts to be clarified.

The also offers a service of “try them at home” Free. Basically send home free up to three frames at a time to try in the comfort of your own home.It is a service that does not require any purchase.

Normally those who buy on the web has a reasonable level of education, owns a credit card oppure sa come effettuare un bonifico online, oppure pagare con Paypal e possiede ovviamente un computer o un tablet.

The process of online sales of glasses or other items and services in general, is an unstoppable process that will change forever the way of making purchases of the citizens of the world.

What to say at this point in Shopping on social networks? It is already a reality

the most popular social network of the web has recently announced a strategic alliance with Ecwid, international e-commerce platform. Under the agreement, who joined Facebook will buy on Ecwid using the data already included on the social network, from the address of the shipment to the number of credit card, in short, shortening the procedure. Many will have read the clue to a future direct involvement in online sales.

Why social networks will be the future

• You wake up and check mail on the iPad, with an application.
• While you have breakfast you take a ride on Facebook, on Twitter and on your house daily, and they are three other applications.
• While going to the office, listen to a podcast on your smartphone.
• At work, read RSS feeds, and speak with your contacts on Skype.
• At the end of the day, when you’re back at home, you listen to music on Pandora, play with your Xbox, watching a movie streaming on Netflix.
• You spent the whole day on the internet but not on the web. And you are not alone.



Our goal “convey the end customer at the optical center”
In our opinion, the optician is the right person to find the solution of the problems.
The mission is to convince the bearer to travel to the optical center best suited to his needs.

In this regard we have created a portal SUPER PARTES connected to a set of applications that has been ADVERTISED AT EUROPEAN LEVEL through all social networks, sponsored by several companies in the sector. The system is very similar to the “trip advisor”, but this time the exclusive prerogative of the optician / optometrist.

Our system is easy to use
there are times and there are no queues.
Every moment is right, from home or office.
Ability to compare sellers and their services
Will have a super partes description of the various products or services, which allow you to make a choice before you make your purchase
A technological consulting on the type of product that best suits their needs

Our system is Convenient to the customer

The variety of products that you have available;

The possibility of having, after a brief search, dozens of views, opinions and comments on each product you want to buy, written by people who have already bought and used the well, and that can certainly recommend the purchase.

After asking a series of questions in a “cartoon way” will demonstrate to the bearer types of lenses through the vision of the surrounding environment, the thickness, the aberrations of the various types of lenses, treatments and will show on Google maps all opticians who can offer such products or related services.

They have been inserted in such a geo localized way all European optical, many companies have given their rating outlining the excellence centers and the types of products sold in order to be able to identify correctly any type of activity carried and provided for example: contact lenses, creators of graduate diving masks often difficult to find, low vision, special lenses etc

The system will improve the visibility and the increase in visits within your optical center in a completely free method.

We will allow to the millions of travelers of the web / mobile world to view your store, (or book with a click / call an appointment). In addition, you can create special deals that will ensure greater visibility to the structure, distinguishing it from the competition

Thanks to life style fully graphical , we follow our traveler as far as choice of the most useful product to their needs.,working on the portal and app, It does not replace the optician / optometrist, indeed, enhance the professional skills, thus ensuring at wearer a secure and targeted product for its needs, with the main task of shift its focus from imaginary offerings of the various online websites.

How it works:

1. Products area

2. Social area

3. Visual aid area

After analyzing prescription data, type of daily life and work, searched product, practiced sports, the system virtually will demonstrate the most appropriate lens to its needs, highlighting for example the lens processing using the surrounding environment vision through the app, recommending clearly to visit the closest optical center for an accurate examination.More and more often there is a need to know the optical centers suppliers of visual aids suited to diving or winter sports, through these filters targeted you will be able to immediately have the answer to the question.

When done the system will open Google Map to visually demonstrate the optical center, having the characteristics required, geographically closest to the bearer.

The filters will be made mainly by the search for

• Ophthalmic lens

• Contactology

• Orthokeratology

• Low Vision

• Visual rehabilitation

• Visual aids for sports(shooting, diving, skiing, billiards)

In the portal will also present two forums dedicated to customers that will be interested in having visual feedback on problems in general or related to the purchase or use of a product in particular.

A new chapter, as well as giving answers and professional customer service, will have positive repercussions in terms of growth in our industry.

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