Sbm Sistemi is an Italian company producer of ophthalmological equipment and application for pet animals.
Our core business is to create and commercialize innovative products in animal eye care with proven clinical evidence and create new solutions.
Sbm Sistemi intends to be a reference company in Veterinary Medicine, in the area of pets, and commercialize high quality products.
Our more than 25 years of experience in the eye market is the guarantee of providing the best support to our doctor.
We are manufacturers of innovative Ophthalmic and Clinical products suitable for both specialists and vets in general practice worldwide.

At ECVO this year, Veterinary Specialty Products are pleased to have a wide selection of equipment in the dry eye.
Sbm Sistemi launch product is “OSA PET” a new system for the diagnosis of the ocular surface.
You are warmly welcome to visit our booth at the ECVO Congress.

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