With SBM Sistemi unique innovative technologies, designed and created entirely in Italy, we create highly reliable and cost effective OEM solutions for our partners.
Our commitment to product quality goes beyond adherence to internationally recognized standards and extends into the attitude of our highly trained production staff and dedicated Quality Team.
SBM Sistemi can provide a wide range of OEM products: starting from a simple re-brand of our instruments, to a modified version with maybe some additional feature you may require, to a complete new product we can design and develope together with our customer.

Throughout the years we set up a perfect timed schedule to interactively produce the OEM products. This developing procedure is divided in up to 8 steps starting from the presetation of different design concepts to choose. The design chosen will be then modified upon your requests. Later we will realize for you a mathematical 3D model that will soon become the first prototype. From that we continue with the production of functional prototypes that will lead to the final product ready for the customer.

SBM Sistemi strenght is based on our innovative technology, our manufacturer-to-manufacturer focused sales team, our end-to-end support infrastructure and flexible logistics.

Each milestone will be reached only with your approval and every request will be considered for a great success. The hardware and software will both match your company branding scheme and corporate colors. Product name, logo placement, connection with other software and platforms: we can do everything you want and our designers are ready to be challenged in helping you to find the best solution for your needs.

SBM Sistemi technologies can provide diagnostic tools with characteristics of sensitivity, specificity and reliability, plus the ability to record several measures or to integrate different analytical steps.