We are working for an innovative web tele-diagnostic application dedicated to the world of Vision. The mis­sion is to make easily available rapid reporting of the main Ophthalmological diagnostic tests, according to the European laws about sensitive data protection.

This service will offers expertise and professional skills of a huge number of Ophthalmologists. Physicians will report only exams acquired by Sbm and other system that are selected diagnostic centers really easily accessible by patients.

The reporting will be granted within 72 working hours after acquiring data, although statistically, thanks to Ophthalmologists professionalism and cooperation, the report will be performed within 24 hours. The project’s goal is to even reduce this timing in order to provide to the patients a fast, safe and effective eye care service. The spread out of this diagnostic network will allow patient to get the nearest doctor in order to access immediately to a diagnostic service and a skilled Specialist reporting without any waiting list and at convenient price.

The web-application is written in dynamic multilingual, translated into the main foreign languages, in order to allow an international use, anticipating the recent European Community provisions about health care. Finally the patient will have the opportunity to save all his exams on his personal account without any loss or damage risk. By the use of a free mobile app (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile), the pa­tient will can also share his exams with his Family Doctor or ask for a second opinion to his Ophthalmologist.

The website has been developed with the latest technology IT, ensuring technical reliability and operational safety in the management and storage of data and guarantee of privacy in compliance with current legi­slation.

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