It is an eye diagnostic examination of the ocular fundus used to study the internal structures of the eyeball:

– Vitreous body
– Retina (central area called macula, and peripheral area)
– Optic nerve.

ICP for Peditricians

ICP for Peditricians

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It is the light beam that is directed to the pupil of each eye separately or binocularly.
With ICP REDFLEX, execution of the exam can be done with the dilation of the pupil or without midriatic drops, thanks to the combination between an advanced software and an high quality system.
If the reflection is abnormal, so, absent wholly or in part, we are faced with an opacity that prevents the transmission of light; in these cases we can find it in front of a cataract or corneal opacity for the front segment.
If the reflection is whitish (leucoria) it may be a retinoblastoma, undifferentiated malignant tumor, retinal detachment, or congenital or acquired pathologies that should be subjected to more extensive ophthalmological investigation.


Crystalline analysis by backlighting with white light adjustable by the use of pentaprism for minor reflexes and artifacts (red reflection).

Both types of examination allow early recognition of the presence of various diseases that affect the eyes, such as cataracts, corneal and vitreous opacities, glaucoma, retinal and tumor pathologies, alterations of the pupil (in these cases, the red reflex will be modified ).
Moreover, by means of a simple binocular observation with the REDFLEX it is possible to observe possible deviations of fixation and strabismus, without requiring any kind of attention from the child.


Observing the retina it is possible to perform the retinoscopy, either static or dynamic, to observe the refractive changes of the subject. It is very useful in the newborn because it allows to evaluate quickly and functionally the conditions that deviate from physiological hyperopia that characterizes the first years of life of the child.

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