After having installed the software, to be able to use the diagnostic tools it is necessary to connect the two USB cables to the computer (if the device is the fixed one as follows:
– USB 3.0 blue cable corresponds to the camera of the device and it must be connected to pc through the related entry to can use the best quality allowed by the O.S.A.,
– USB 2.0 white cable must be connected to pc without any specific detail,
– Foot pedal is USB too.

The device must be inserted in the support between slit lamp and biomicroscope (Fig. 4).
Its pin has been built in order to fit perfectly into the hole that you can see when the plate used for the tonometer is removed.

Otherwhise, if the device is the portable one it is necessary to fit the device to the iPad with the appropriate provided bracket. It uses the iPad camera, so it must be inserted in the right position (the hole of the device on the camera).
Remember to connect the provided batteries and the relating holder to the device.

ICP OSA and ICP Tearscope are used in order to evaluate accurately and in a non-invasive way dry eye conditions by studying lipid layer through the Interferometry examination, aqueous layer through the tear meniscus height, mucinic layer and stability of the tear film with NIBUT exam.



In addition, ICP provides to store all the exams done and elaborated to have a complete scheme of each subject over time, as shown if the figure below.
Indeed, the software ICP allows to create different types of reports:

– Report by date of each exam done,
– Report by date of a single exam with the real photo and the elaborated one,
– Report by date of a single image or frame by video,
– Report with graph, in case you did more than two exams of the same typology.


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