The device ICP MGD is the result of a long period of research done with the most accredited professionals, in order to give the highest combination between technical innovation, quality and design. As already mentioned, the main operating characteristics of the instrument are:

• High resolution photo capture,
• Search for meibomian glands,
• Automatic detection of their loss area,
• Classification of the status according to the international grading scale.

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ICP can, in a guided way, detect the length and width of meibomian glands imaged by infrared Meibography without requiring any input from the user. Through an acquisition of images in infrared camera, the ICP MGD allows the evaluation of the glands.
It serves to build the morphology, diagnosis and drop out of the meibomian glands. Meiboscopy is the visualization of the glands through trans-illumination of the eyelid with infrared light.
The software allows to analyze the working and not working areas, and to compare the glands of the patient with the diagnostic evaluation scales.
The dysfunction of the meibomian glands (MGD) is caused by a chronic alteration of the sebaceous glands which are located inside of the eyelids. The device has the possibility to be used in a portable way or like fixed instrument in your clinic, exploiting a support that you can insert inside the hole of the tonometer on the slit lamp.
So, MGD alters lipid component of the tear film and this can cause the appearance of dry eye with its characteristic symptoms. In severe cases, the MGD can also cause inflammation of the eyelids called blepharitis rear edge.



1) The criticality is made through five-level scale. The evaluation scales are an essential instrument to save the result and monitor any variations of the ocular tissues. These scales are used to evaluate the gravity of a wide range of conditions, included those associated to the contact lenses use.
2) On the other hand, the device is able to recognize and detect in a completely automatic way the loss area of meibomian glands. After taking the picture, the software only asks to indicate the area of the eyelid that you want to analyze, and then it detects all glands.

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