The SBM was founded in 1984. The core activity of the new company is to produce software for optical centers. The territorial development begins with the opening of new distribution facilities on the Italian territory, especially to offer services and assistance. In the ‘90s, the company began its real growth path that is still the main goal for the future. Thanks to large investments and sacrifices in those years began working for production. Later in time also starts working as a provider of information te­chnology services and optics and ophthalmology instrumentation. After more than twenty years these services are still carried out at the office of our customers or our operating offices on the Italian territory and abroad. The experience achieved over the years with important and prestigious brands allows us to be present on the market as a serious and reliable partners for Strategic Outsourcing services or part of them.

Vision & Mission

Our vision at Sbm Sistemi is to bring new diagnostic system to market to ensure that people living without have access to pri­mary healthcare and even more primary eyecare. Under such circumstances, villagers have to travel long distances and en­dure hardships to access basic eye care. From an clean hospital room to a dirty tent in the desert. Our innovative and experienced team of scientists, physicians, researchers and business leaders have dedicated much of their lives to advancing treatments for eye diseases. This team has worked together extensively and values having an environment of collaboration, transparency and trust that results in accelerated and needed innovation. Sbm Sistemi incorporates the research and innovative technologies developed by a team of medical researchers in the fields of diagnostic. Sbm’s mission is to overcome the complexity of adaptive optics, to make them practical and easy to use both for those who ope­rate ophthalmic devices and for patients themselves. All Sbm sistemi products offer comfort, fast, easy, use and are ‘mobile devices’.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Sbm Sistemi is to provide surgeons and medical institutions with innovative diagnostic technologies that enhance, preserve and heal the conditions of people worldwide. We embrace this role as the market leader and prepare for their demands. Our focus is on building the value of the company through ideas, innovation, technology and efficiency. The results will continue to be increased market share, revenue and income. Our “mission completes” are the result of our people: our customers, employees and investors. Our successes will be the result of our ideas, planning, goals, execution, fair compensation and focused “innovation management”. Our fuel is multi-faceted: it is symbolized by our autonomy, determination, focus, creativity, consistency, resiliency, family and personal happiness.

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