Our offices encloses the brain and more important the heart of the company. Here our products are created and SBM people have all relations with de­alers and customers around the world.

The modern factory located near Turin ensures continuous and workmanlike production because constantly under our control.

The stock of instruments, already tested by technicians, guarantees delivery within days from the order.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to provide our customers a competitive ad­vantage by offering high quality products, innovative enginee­ring and promises they can depend on. The foundation of this commitment is our employees and their focus on compliance with our quality system requirements and the effective imple­mentation of quality system requirements, continuous impro­vement and outstanding customer service.

We maintain an effective quality system by managing product risk and executing objectives related to:

  1. Product development and improvement
  2. Quality system planning and improvement
  3. Supplier quality assurance
  4. Personnel training and competence
  5. Regulatory compliance and internal/external audits
  6. Process effectiveness and efficiency.
Made in Italy

The term “Made in Italy” is the process of reassessment of craft and industrial production that has often led Italian products to excel in international business competition. Over time Italian products abroad have earned a high reputation and started to constitute a separate category respectively in each of the affected product fields. Italian products are generally recognized as a remarkable achievement, attention to detail, imaginative design and shape, durability.During the year SBM Sistemi participates to international fairs, congress and exhibitions.

Our customer

  • Local Health Organization
  • Public and University Hospital
  • Rest and Health Private Clinic
  • Hospital Construction Company
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturer

A good product must be made from a precise projecting including a careful materials choice. The final difference consists in availability of personalized solutions for every need.
SBM Sistemi customers have a complete post-sale support. Any request related to the software is solved with remote assistance from local partners or directly by the SBM company. Any need related to the hardware can be managed by our local partners all-over the world that, in constant contact with SBM company, have the opportunity to ship the instrument for complete check-up.
All SBM Sistemi products are realized with hi-precision by factory technicians. Pre-sale checks and verifications consist in 24 hours non-stop test session to ensure the quality of the components. Only after this task an instrument can be packaged and considered ready for delivery.

Contact Us

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