• Barberis Michele
    Barberis Michele President

    President, as well as ‘the founder of the company’, thanks to his experience, accumulated over the years alongside prestigious international brands continues to allow the growth and expansion of SBM Sistemi

  • Tosello Miranda
    Tosello Miranda Administration

    Responsible for the management control, it is responsible for the interpretation and evaluation of business. In particular way of cost accounting and the financial review.

  • Barberis Matteo
    Barberis Matteo R&D Office

    Analyze business processes and organizational structure to develop the procedures and technologies designed to improve them. It is directly involved in activities relating to innovation and enterprise upgrading, as well as in the technological reorganization of its structure.

  • Barberis Simone
    Barberis Simone KEY ACCOUNT

    Within the commercial structure it is in charge of the customers greater strategic importance.

  • Dutto Marco
    Dutto Marco KEY ACCOUNT

    It coordinates and organizes all project activities, as well as the human and economic resources that are involved.

  • Chiara Florio Furno
  • Francesa Miserendino
    Francesa Miserendino Optometrist
  • Brescia Simone
    Brescia Simone Programmer
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