Eye screening for children

Why is regular vision screening so important?
Good vision is key to a child’s physical development, success in school and overall well-being.



Visual system alterations from an epidemiological point of view affect 6% of the infant population. A high incidence justifies an early diagnosis project.

Vision develops gradually during the first 5 years of life, therefore it is not an innate function and maturation takes place through a series of well-defined stages, so all organic and refractive or motors anomalies that interfere in this period have significant repercussions on visual function.

The basic purpose of preventing anomalies in childhood is to diagnose and remove early any impediment to the normal development that establishes during the so-called “critical period”, which is that time frame in which the visual system is sensitive to all sensory influences from the outside world that surround the child and runs out within the first year of age.

Already in the early days of life it is important to evaluate the possible congenital or connatural anomalies affecting the child.

At 6 months of life the motor incoordination of the two eyes can be considered pathological and endless in clinical strabismus. Within the year of age, almost all late-onset glaucoma, ocular alterations in dysplasia, some cancer pathologies such as retinoblastomas and early strabismus have already appeared. By the third year, most of the late strabismus will be manifested and it will be possible to obtain active collaboration from the child by evaluating the sensory situation both objectively and subjectively.

It is necessary to monitorate general health during childood in order to avoid complications in the following years and to prevent any onset of diseases.

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With the device ICP REDFLEX it is possible to check the visual functions of the child through:

– Fundus Oculi examination
– Binocular – Monocular observation
– Retinoscopy.

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