OSA Veterinary

A full assessment of the ocular surface through a combination of tests for dry eye diagnosis, from tear break up time to the tear volume production test.


ICP Dry Eye analysis

I.C.P OSA the new instrument of individual analysis of lacrimal that allow with a quick detailed structural research of the tear composition.
Possibility of researsch on the single layers:

  • Lipid
  • Aqueous
  • Mucin

Thanks to ICP OSA is possible to identify the type of DED(Drye Eye Desease) and determine which deficient layers can be treated with a specific treatment.

MGD Analysis meibomian gland desease

Easily and efficiently integrates complex examinations such as meibography and tear film interferometry screening.


Dry Eye is commonly by the Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The Meibo-Scan shows the morphological changes in the glandular tissue.

System analysis of the images obtained through a sensitive infrared camera (NIR) allows to evaluate in a guided way:

  • The presence and distribution of the Meibomian glands in the upper and lower eyelids
  • The extension of the area with normal glands
  • The percentage of the areas with or without altered glands
  •  The “absent” and “present” areas of different colour

For a better evaluation, the brightness of the picture can be modified by the editor system.

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