Digital Slit Lamp Exams

I.C.P. Slit Lamp is an innovative system of images acquisition of the entire anterior segment that consists in the use of a cover technology for iPad equipped with a variable lighting body with slit opening from 0,1mm to 4mm.


I.C.P. Slit Lamp is the unique portable slit lamp with up to 12MP camera for the acquisition of video and images always clear and on focus, thanks to the simple use of the autofocus mode, it in fact make possible a focusing range more practical and profound of the classical fixed focus.


The instrument with the software, available on App Store, allows a very simple results interpretation and it is a convenient platform focused on the patient’s education through the international scales of EFRON, CCLRU and Jenvis and a simple and guided follow up.


I.C.P. slit lamp is the new concept of digital instrument with the high performance and quality made in Italy.
The software contains a complete section of patient management with Database of related photos, images and exams.


The system is provided of DICOM communication and is available a Windows software for a simple data extraction on your PC.

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